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Home Wears 2018


Within this body of work, I looked at our inner voice and imagined that the thoughts that we think whilst in the home may embed themselves onto our most used items. These common thoughts of regret and reproach seep from us, and they must go somewhere?  I imagined them imprinting themselves into the fabric of these items.



The Harm Chair was a look at Social anxiety, I asked people on social media, what it was that kept them at home rather than out mixing with their friends? I received forty pages of responses within the hour, the responses were a mixture of heart breaking and funny in equal measure.

I chose not to edit or change but simply embroidered them onto soft velvety fabric and had it upholstered onto a vintage chair, I felt this was representational of the prison that home comforts can sometimes bring.

 The main sentiment that echoed through the responses was ‘I am not good enough’ said in much different way. What was interesting that during the thread people began commenting on each other’s responses and were amazed that other people felt the same as them, that they had felt alone in their emotions, there was a feeling of solidarity and understanding that made the intrusion into their feelings somehow more worthy.

The Ironing Bored – This vintage ironing board shows the wear and tear it has received, woman have toiled at its side for generations some with bright hearts and happy minds and other perhaps wishing that there was equality that allowed them to seek the freedoms that others have, maybe with a resigned air. Ironing can be a passion for some but mostly it is defined as a chore.
In the year of creation, it was 100 years since women got the vote and many of those brave women may be despondent if they could see the lack of equality we still face today. So in homage to them, I embroidered the word bored hundreds of times on the cover. Like lines we were made to write at school, this negative mantra that seeks to show their resignation to their role this coupled with the lyrics of the Blockheads song – ‘what a waste’ seeks to represent those lost and forgotten women who toiled without receiving the respect or opportunities they deserved.


Woman Bate– I LOVE automata, and I wanted to make something dedicated to the #Metoo campaign, in my optimistic offering, we can see the roles reversed and the woman chasing the shark, all those times and years that men thought they had ‘got away’ with systemic abuse suddenly came back to haunt them, we are asking for respect and in many cases justice, there is something very satisfying turning the handle and watching the woman smugly chasing the preditor for once.